Thursday, 24 September 2009

She's a Sixties child at heart

Over the last few months we've been expanding Isabel's musical interests beyond nursery rhymes and Disney songs. So far her favourites are the Beach Boys and, in the last few weeks, the Monkees. She likes the Beach Boys so much that she'll watch the Beach Boys DVD we have rather than Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (yay!), but the Monkees are quickly catching up.

I always loved the Monkees, and even saw them in concert several times as a teenager, and I'd love to get her watching the TV shows as well. I was going to buy them from Amazon, but Series One costs £34.98, which is just madness, and Series Two isn't much better at £31.98. Why so expensive?! Must be because there's quite a lot of content and not a massive demand. I'm considering setting up a petition to get the BBC to broadcast the shows again! I fear I may be the only signatory. Oh, and Isabel, now that she can write her own name! All together now, "Hey Hey, We're The Monkees, People say we're monkeying around!"

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