Tuesday, 17 March 2009

What's in a name?

We're really struggling with this name business. Part of the problem is that we picked the name we liked for a girl last time. It's tricky to do that twice. I've now read, from cover to cover, the Oxford Dictionary of First Names and created a long list of 33 possibilities. Now it's over the Husbandio to whittle out the ones he really loathes to make a first shortlist, and then we can reduce that further to a final shortlist of about three or four. That might be as close as we can get before she's born - Isabel definitely felt like an Isabel once she popped out.

I do have a few criteria:
  • Nothing beginning with R. I'm not keen on names which begin with the same letter as your surname. Also, wouldn't it be terrible if she had a Jonathan Ross-like speech impediment, and couldn't say her Rs. One R to deal with in that scenario would be quite enough.
  • Nothing beginning with I, so we don't have issues with confusion over the post!
  • A name that doesn't make me sound like a fishwife if I scream it in the park.
  • Nothing that ends in N, since that sounds silly with our surname.
  • Our surname is short, so ideally three or more syllables.
You'd think that would narrow it down a lot, but there's still loads to choose from. Let the whittling process begin!

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