Wednesday, 18 March 2009


I spent much of today trying to write a report which I came to the conclusion I was just not the best person to write. And the more I tried to write it, the more I realised how little I knew, and the more difficult it became. I've been putting off doing this for days as it is, and it's now due in on Friday. I eventually gave up, which is not really like me since I can be quite tenacious once I get started on something. Anyway, I got to the point of figuring that I was just banging my head into a brick wall which was wasting both my time and the company's time, so I sent off a version of the report with as much as I could do, and just shouted "help!". So we'll see what comes back. It's annoyed me though, because the other report which I was working on has just been through peer review and came back with basically no changes, so it's not that I'm being incompetent or fuzzy-brained due to pregnancy. I just think I'm the wrong person to write this particular report. We'll see what comes back from my plea for assistance....!

I was however quite impressed by what I did manage to achieve while I was procrastinating over this report. I was SO desperate not to do it that I got my inbox down to 12 e-mails, an almost unheard-of low. I submitted an article a day early, and did loads of other things that I wasn't very keen on doing, but which seemed really quite appealing in contrast to getting down to the report in question. Usually I find that when I procrastinate I just get irritated with myself, but in this case it went so well I might try it again more often.

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  1. Ha - I like it: procrastination as a tactic for getting things done. Nice.