Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Doing too much - as ever

This week is destined to be one of those weeks where I can see every minute of every day laid out in front of me - it's making me tired just thinking about it. Having spent Saturday doing house jobs like filing and gardening, and then Sunday packing up the contents of the kitchen cupboard, and then driving 200 miles on Monday to speak to a group of undergraduates, I could really have done with a nice restful day today. Sadly, not to be. Today, I:
  1. Folded and put away all the washing
  2. Got self and Isabel dressed
  3. Made breakfast for Isabel and self, and then washed everything up so as to be able to keep the kitchen empty
  4. Welcomed builders, made tea
  5. Discussed kitchen plans with builders and their boss
  6. Did school run
  7. Chased tile company for samples and underfloor heating company with questions
  8. Did 2 hours work
  9. Went to 2.5 hour NCT class
  10. Did school run again
  11. Liaised with electrician re. plus sockets
  12. Liaised with builder over cupboard which might not fit
  13. Did an hour long conference call
  14. Built wardrobe for Pumpkin (with Isabel's help)
  15. Sorted out Pumpkin's clothes and got them ready for washing (also with Isabel's help)
  16. Read some more James and the Giant Peach
  17. Picked up Husbandio from the station
  18. Made dinner with Husbandio (not too taxing - nuked some hot dogs and buns!)
  19. Washed up
  20. Did bathtime and bedtime with Isabel
  21. Did some e-mail
  22. Wrote blog
Am I mad? Even though it's not even 9pm yet I'm going to take myself to bed I think. Day in town tomorrow, and then hopefully more restful times towards the end of the week. At least making dinner without a kitchen is quite an easy process - nuke it, or phone out for it. Now that's something to smile about at any rate!

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