Thursday, 26 March 2009

Slowing myself down

Today I finally came to the realisation that it's pretty easy to push myself too hard at this point in the pregnancy ("Finally!" I hear you cry). And that's what I did today, even though what I was trying to do didn't seem that ambitious. All I was going to do after collecting Isabel from school was clean her playroom, and then make a little bit of dinner. Not tricky at all. Or so I thought....

We'd commandeered the playroom as an emergency kitchen area while the works were going on, and that, in combination to the builders accidentally drilling through the wall, meant that the room was really dusty. But I figured I was only cleaning one room, so how much work could that be? It wasn't the amount of work which turned out to be the problem, it was my inability to pick anything up off the floor without straining my sore ribs. I seem to have pulled another rib muscle, and it's now really painful, to say the least - when the doctor poked the area today while measuring the bump I actually yelped, which was slightly embarrassing. Not as embarrassing as getting on the scales though. Good Lord. Anyway, I digress. Isabel helped me to some extent with moving things off the floor, but then I had to sweep, hoover the mat, hoover the couch (with the hoover tools, obviously!) and then wash the floor.

Making the tea after all this activity was tricky, made more difficult by Isabel requesting that I come and play, trying to figure out how the new cooker worked, and then realising that my recipe books were still in the garage and I couldn't remember the quantities of milk, cheese and egg needed in a quiche. Phoned my mother for the answer, rather than fighting my way into the garage!

So, by the end of the day I felt quite shattered, and then someone called from work with a question that I just don't have time to answer and that nearly tipped me over the brink. Luckily the quiche cooked fine, another colleague took the question on, Husbandio came home and did bath and bedtime, and I was able to sit down. Oh, after going to the school for 90 minutes to learn about phonics. All in a day's work for an eight month pregnant working mother! Roll on tomorrow and the end of work - I've just about reached my limit, and don't think I'll be much use from now on anyway!

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