Saturday, 7 February 2009

I'm hungry ALL THE TIME!

I'm sure I wasn't this hungry when I was pregnant with Isabel. Sometimes I feel like I could eat a proper meal about every three hours, and this is a very dangerous feeling since I know I don't need that many calories, so I'm trying to be good and eat fruit etc. at regular intervals to quell the hunger pangs. Also, if I don't eat regularly I get heartburn, which must be a result of the baby starting to squash my internal organs into positions that they weren't really designed to be in.

I'm also going through a phase of being bored with many of the things that I regularly cook. I've become used to cooking from a shortish list of dishes, most of which can be made within half an hour of getting home. The train I usually get home from the office gets in at 6.03 pm, and we try to eat dinner together as a family at 6.30 pm - this can be quite a challenge. But since I've been working at home since Christmas I have a bit more time to get things ready, or at least make things which are still quick in terms of preparation time but need lots of cooking time, like stews.

So I think I'm going to start a new regime, which I did quite successfully a few years ago, and cook one new dish each week. I started this tonight, and made a (really quite nice!) mushroom risotto to go with a chicken dish I quite often make, and then made apple and plum crumble for pudding. If that doesn't fill me up for a few hours, nothing will! Stay tuned for next week's new dish, and to find out whether the family survives it!

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