Tuesday, 24 February 2009

A foodie post

Just a short one tonight, since it's gone 11pm and definitely time for me to be a-sleepin'. Which is a shame, because I did a lot today so have lots to write about, but I'm just too darned tired. The review of my first NCT class will have to wait until tomorrow.

Tonight I went into town for a work dinner at Hibiscus, one of only eight restaurants in London to currently hold two Michelin stars. We went there in December for our work Xmas do, which was lush, and I was a little disappointed tonight as I didn't think the food was as good as it had been before . Given the bump, I wasn't there for the drink, although they did do a nice non-alcoholic cocktail with lots of fresh mint. The menu for tonight's meal is below - and my only comment before going was "Beetroot??!! Why is there always flamin' beetroot?!" I can't bear beetroot - it's not just the taste, it's the way it infiltrates and stains everything else on the plate. And my experiences in the past couple of years of dinners at posh restaurants have always resulted in me having to eat either beetroot or, even worse, goats cheese. On one dreadful occasion I was served a beetroot and goats cheese salad, which was just vile. Anyway, I tried the beetroot tart, and it wasn't bad. It was also small, so I finished it. I'm not one for leaving anything on my plate, especially nowadays. It was rescued from over-beetrootness by the feta sorbet, a very Heston Blumenthal-esque invention, if you ask me. Whoever heard of a cheese sorbet? Nice though.

Fine Beetroot and Orange Tart,
Smoked Feta Sorbet

Roast Rack of Shropshire Veal
Ragout of Puy Lentils
Jerusalem Artichoke, Argan Oil

New Season Carrot Cake
Purple Carrot & Rosewater Sorbet, Blood Orange

Posh eh?

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