Sunday, 11 January 2009

The relationship between children and food

Kids sometimes seem to be a different species entirely.  One example that's making me laugh at the moment is the way Isabel (and the as-yet unborn Pumpkin) react to food.  Isabel is a really good eater - she has a few things she doesn't like (tomatoes, jam, honey, fizzy drinks and what she calls "spicy food" - not that we keep trying to feed her vindaloos or anything!), but generally she'll eat most meals, and she's also good at trying new things.  Well, she's not keen on trying new things, but she knows it's a fight she'll lose if she doesn't try whatever it is, so she generally complies pretty fast.

The funny thing is the way she reacts after eating.  As an adult, the usual thing is to finish a meal, feel full, and sit, bloated, on the couch.  Maybe that's just me - perhaps there's a portion control lesson here.  But no matter how much the girl has eaten, she gets up and puts on a dance show, plays along with Wii Fit, or sets up a concert in the lounge - her natural reaction to eating is to leap about, rather than sit down.  When does this end, I wonder?  And did I do that?  Probably!

The other thing that makes me chuckle is that about 10 minutes after I've had something to eat, it must filter through into Pumpkin's temporary home, and she starts kicking about - she and her sister therefore both react to food by dancing.  Crazy girls!  When I was pregnant with Isabel she used to do the same - chocolate used to cause a particularly extreme reaction, and it's no different now with daughter #2!  Husbandio is clearly destined to live with a house full of chocoholics. 

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