Tuesday, 6 January 2009

First day of the rest of your life

Well, what else could I possibly write about today?  It was Isabel's first day at school, a momentous event in any budding doctor's life.  (joking, I don't really want to force her to be a doctor!)  When I went in to wake her up this morning she was already awake but hid under the duvet, and then a little voice emerged, saying "I don't think I want to go to school today....".  Being a reasonably seasoned parent at this point (or at least usually able to talk a four year old round to my point of the view 8 times out of 10!), I of course was very caring and sharing, saying something like "But all of your friends and your new teacher will be so sad if you're not there".  Secretly, I was thinking "well, tough pants", followed shortly by "hey, welcome to the rest of your life, kiddo" - but I thought it best to keep those thoughts to myself.

Anyway, we got up, dressed and breakfasted with no dramas, and then into the car and away.  This could have been the tricky point, since it's very cold at the moment (saw a low of -4C today, and then a high of -2C!) but the new car defrosts well, thank goodness, and has handy 4 wheel drive which saw us safely up the drive and along the road to school.  

We got to school really early and could have parked very close by, but chose to park in the pub car park, which is about 5 minutes walk away, and enjoyed ourselves crunching and slipping along the path to the school.  Being greeted at the school by the headmaster was nice (how honoured we felt!) - he was sending everyone into the hall before school started because it was so cold outside.  I think usually we drop them off outside the Reception class playground but I was quite glad to be in the warm, and Isabel looked like Rudolph by this point so I think she was pleased too!  All the new parents were allowed to go into the classroom with the kids today and for the next few days to get them settled, which was good since I had 4 bags of things to drop off for her: wellies, lunch bag, book bag, and PE kit.  Not sure she could have carried all that herself!

She then saw lots of people she knew - our next door neighbour and several girls from her ballet class, and they showed her where to put her lunchbag and water bottle.  And then she kissed me goodbye, sat on the carpet with the others, and that was that.  Remarkably uneventful after all that - and neither of us cried, a major result!  I was proud of both of us.  My only worry is that she only had to time to eat her sandwich and 1 piece of cucumber before lunchtime finished - leaving her with an apple, squeezy yogurt and fruity stick thing.  Must teach her to eat faster since she clearly wanted it all, and polished it off at home while I had my lunch.  So, all in all an emotional and tiring day, but all went very well, so thank goodness for that.  On to day two....won't write this much about it every day, I promise!

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