Monday, 5 January 2009

Almost too nervous to write

Except when am I ever too nervous to write, or speak for that matter?  Finding myself lost for words is not a problem I have often, as those who know me will testify.  I sometimes wish I was more able to allow a comfortable silence to develop, on the grounds that other people might feel they have to fill it, and would then reveal something interesting about themselves, but usually it's me who's unable to keep my mouth shut.

But anyway, that's not what I'm writing about today.  Tomorrow is a momentous day chez nous, since it is Isabel's first day at school.  Ever.  While she's been at nursery since she was two, this seems far more momentous, particularly since she has a uniform (bottle green pinafore dress and a white shirt, plus green cardie/jumper, green tights or white socks, even green hairbands, which seems to be taking things a bit far).   Given the snow today and the low temperatures, I think we'll be going for tights tomorrow! I just hope it doesn't snow again tonight - I heard that schools in some areas were closed, and that would be a big anti-climax!  Plus I guess I ought to follow the rest of the world's example and get back to work, and I actually have an interview scheduled for tomorrow for a report which is due in a few weeks so I need to hit the ground running.  

I think this may be displacement activity more than anything else - distracting myself from worrying about whether she's OK!  For the first six weeks she's on short days though so I'm sure she'll be fine - since she's used to being in nursery from 8am - 6pm, being at school from 9am - 12.30pm will be a breeze!  And she knows several of the girls already, including our next door neighbour who will be in her class, so it's a reasonably easy introduction to the school system.  I think we're all ready for it - sandwiches made and in the fridge, all items labelled (with surname only, cunningly, since Pumpkin will hopefully be able to re-use a lot of these items in a few years' time!), PE kit clean and packed.  I'm bound to have forgotten something, it's like packing to go on holiday.  I just hope it's not something as vital as a passport! 

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