Thursday, 1 January 2009

First Post of Many?

On the first of the year, it seems timely to start something new.  Since I've been mulling the possibility of starting a blog for a while and, perhaps more importantly, blogging doesn't appear to be related to doing any exercise, I thought this might be a good thing to kick off.  We'll see how it goes.  For now, I think only a select few will be informed of this blog's existence - ideally non-judgmental types who won't laugh too long or too hard if it all falls through.

So, what will this blog provide?
1. Some frequent (note I didn't say daily!) musings, and just thoughts about what's happened in the day which tickled or intrigued me.
2. Comedy tales about funny things said and done by my daughter (well, I think she's funny anyway, so if you're anti-kid you may want to stop reading this now).
3. The occasional whinge/rant.  OK, these might be more than occasional - I'm thinking that this blog may be quite therapeutic!

And here, for your delectation, are today's offerings in the above categories:

1. It's hard naming a kid.  This is on my mind since I'm 5 months pregnant, and got the baby naming book down from the shelf the other day.  This proved 2 things: that I have no real preference as to a favourite name as yet, and that there are some very odd names out there.  I mean, we all know about the standard odd ones (Chardonnay springs to mind), but DeForrest?  Concepcion?  And the trouble is that the good names tend to be the popular ones which is also bad - when Isabel starts school there will be two Ambers in her class, and I bet their parents didn't expect that when having their naming discussions!

2. Isabel went to stay with my mum on NY Eve, but had a bit of a panic the night before that we were banishing her and would never come to get her back.  The moral of this story is that children will read much more into a movie or story  than you ever expect - she got this particular fear from The Tale of Despereaux, which we had taken her to see in the afternoon.  Took a lot of persuading until she believed that going away for the night would be a fun treat rather than the start of a lifelong punishment.

3. I've just finished the ironing, and it narked me for a multitude of reasons.  First, only about 20% of it was mine.  Second, the iron has turned into a communist with Alzheimer's: it went on strike several times with no provocation or warning, and kept dribbling all over everything.  Which made the fact that not all of it was mine better somehow.  Anyway, it's done, so that's something to tick off the list of jobs which must be done before going back to work next week.  

Future topics to be considered in another post (getting late now and am going to bed before my writing gets any more inane) include "what the hell do I cook for a kosher jewish couple whose son is dairy intolerant?", and "how did the movie Michael Clayton win any Oscars when it was SOOOO boring?".   And if that's not enough to hook you then I don't know what is.

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