Monday, 18 January 2010

We've all done stupid things, but this takes the biscuit

The FBI got caught out in a massive blooper recently - you've probably read about it. I'd somehow managed to miss the full hilarity of it however, until I read a TechCrunch post entitled "Nobody suspects the spanish politician". Great title! I could precis the post but it's very well written - I'd avise you to go and read the whole thing yourself. The element of the story that I liked best was that someone in the FBI had just gone off and used Google, as if they were some eight year old school child who has no way of evaluating information sources. I also liked the suggested search terms - swarthy foreigner, hee hee hee. Made me laugh particularly because a friend of mine pointed out something very peculiar in the new Boden catalogue - they've described their new Portofino collection with the words "Rejuvenating sun, fresh sea air, charming cobbled streets, and your bottom pinched by a swarthy Genoan". Or, if you're really lucky, by Osama Bin Laden.

So, that's the FBI goof of the day. Mine was (I didn't tell Husbandio this yet, so this will be a good test of whether he's reading my blog regularly!) leaving one of the car doors open when I took Isabel to school this morning. Oops......! And Husbandio's was making Emily a lovely lunch of lamb stew and courgettes, and then stirring creamy porridge into it. He mixed up the creamy porridge with the baby rice box. They are pretty similar, to be fair. And it probably didn't taste quite as odd as when he mixed pear puree into bolognaise sauce. He thought it said peas. Yes, I will be sending him to the optician with Isabel next time.

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