Monday, 25 January 2010

The family that Wiis together...

It was my little brother's 15th birthday this weekend. Last year we all went bowling and for lunch at Wagamama's, which was really fun, but we didn't want to do that again, and we just couldn't decide what to do this year that everyone would enjoy. When I say "everyone", this had to include my dad and stepmother, Husbandio and I, my teenage brother and sister, and Isabel and Emily. It's a pretty wide age range - 9 months up to early 60s.

The Wii, however, managed to unite us. Watching us all play must have been like watching one of those annoying adverts with Ant and Dec or the Redknapps. We were eight in total - Dad, self, Husbandio, Isabel, little bro, little sis and her boyfriend, and a friend of mine who was staying for the weekend. Emily was deemed still a bit too small - she was the mascot though.

We played seven events in all - I even had to set up scorecards in Word and a spreadsheet in Excel to calculate the results! Surprises included a win for my Dad in the Javelin and a win for Isabel at table tennis. I won nothing (boo hoo!) but came second in the bowling. Once the final scores had been counted and verified, Husbandio had won overall, my brother was second, and Isabel was third! She may have had a little help along the way, but still a great result! She was very pleased, and we all celebrated with homemade cake. After all, we needed some energy after all our exertions....!

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