Saturday, 16 January 2010


We took Isabel to the opticians yesterday and it turns out that she needs glasses. The school nurse had suggested in the summer that we take her to have her eyes tested, and at that point the optician had said that she was mildy longsighted but not to the extent that we needed to do anything about it. However, she's now +1 in one eye and +2 in the other, and I think it's that discrepancy which causes the problem - if one eye has to work harder the other then its growth might be affected. So, it's glasses for our little one.

She didn't seem terribly distressed, and since I wear glasses it's not an alien concept. We got some nice frames (not the NHS ones; sorry NHS, they were kind of manky even in this day and age) and we collect them next week. I'm disappointed and I hope it won't hold her back from running about with her friends, but I'm sure she, and they, will soon get used to them. I blame her grandpa for dodgy eye genes - his eyesight's terrible. And what are parents for if not to blame them for stuff?

Anyway, tonight we thought we'd experiment with some toy glasses just to see what they look like, and here are the results....

Emily was just a bit confused about the whole thing, but submitted to it with very good grace.

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