Monday, 29 June 2009

I admit it, I'm a Grumpy Old Woman

I was watching Grumpy Old Women on telly the other night, and was quite concerned that I could find nothing to disagree with. There are several factors to indicate that I have definitely moved into Grumpy Old Woman territory:
  • My fuse is short. Shorter than ever, if that were possible. If you plan on saying something foolish, prepare to have your head bitten off and spat back at you.
  • I have to make sure all my jobs are done (packed lunches made for the following day etc) before I can sit down and relax.
  • Any time after 10pm is, by definition, late.
  • Many modern movie comedians do nothing for me, and can even infuriate me. I'm sure I've written about my feelings on Will Ferrell before; you can also add Jim Carrey and Seth Rogen and (sometimes) Jack Black to that list.
  • I've just seen a photo of someone close to me smoking a cigarette and am totally shocked. I've never had one cigarette in my whole life (I know, I'm a sheltered soul) - somehow I'm more shocked at cigarette smoking than if soft drugs had been involved. Why is that I wonder?!
  • I've happily avoided all coverage of Glastonbury. Not only do I never want to go, but even watching it on TV has no appeal.
  • I don't care at all about Michael Jackson.
  • And I don't really like Andy Murray.
Makes me wonder how much grumpier I will be when I'm the right age to be a Grumpy Old Woman officially! Oh dear....


  1. all you had to do was ask, and I would have happily confirmed, that you are in fact quite grumpy (but not old....yet!)

  2. I love that show and I agree with some of your points like the 10pm is late, cigarette smoking and not liking Michael Jackson or Andy Murray but maybe I'm an old grumpy women who likes the idea of loud music and watching the great unwashed on TV :)