Friday, 26 June 2009

Another day, another "first"

Life as a small baby is full of firsts, and today was no exception. After an episode of Grey's Anatomy (no better way to start the day, and the perfect length for a good feed) we went to get the small thing weighed (9lb 7.5oz, if you're interested, up 4oz on last week), then met friends for drinks in Starbucks, then home for more milk, then off to baby massage, then over to a house belonging to friends of my dad and stepmother (that still sounds really weird!). These friends have a large house and acres of garden and, most importantly, a pool.....yay! So, Emily's exciting first today was...swimming! I didn't get her too far into the pool, just bottom and legs, since it was an OK temperature for adults and excited four year olds, but a bit chilly for very little ones. But we wandered about in the pool for a good half an hour, and had a lovely time. And so nice to just lounge by the side of the pool and not have to rush into a grotty shared changing room. Even better, they said we could come round and use the pool whenever we liked, even while they're on their hols. Seems rude not to take them up on their kind offer.

Actually, Ems did experience another first today, but she didn't enjoy it quite as much. When she and Isabel were in the bath, Isabel asked for a drink of water, so I gave her a cup of water and she drank half, then poured the rest on Ems' tummy. Result: much yelling, from both of them (eldest child is very empathetic and often cries when other children cry. Also I think she thought she was going to be in trouble! We quite often pour water over Emily from that cup though, and I think eldest child had just forgotten that the water should be warm, not cold. Oops.

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