Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Nothing very exciting to report about today, so I'm going for a bullet point list:
  • I was jealous of Isabel since after school she went round to some friends of my dad's, and they have a private pool.....
  • I had to go to a meeting in Chiswick which involved 5 trains and 3 tube lines - the journey was so complicated that I had to write the details down in my notebook for fear of making a mistake and ending up in Uxbridge (heaven forbid)
  • I had a very nice tapas lunch with a colleague. We ordered so many tapases (is that right?!) that we needed to ask the waitress to bring up an extra table. Now that's what I call a meal!
  • Husbandio and I have been debating how many of Isabel's class to invite to the party. We decided to invite 20 out of 30 but then Isabel made a plea for 2 others, and inviting 22 out of 30 seemed very unfair to the 8 rejects, so I think we'll have to go for a full house. Gawd help us...
  • I've been looking for a nice new Boden skirt but everything on the Boden site which I like is only ever available in an 8 or a 22. But I found a lovely Dorothy Perkins skirt today in the local British Heart Foundation charity shop. Total cost@ £3.30. Yay!
  • Isabel's got a cough, and tonight she coughed so hard she retched, and also made her nose bleed. Niiiiice. And Emily's nappy was put on wonky by someone at the nursery, leading to an escape of poo into her babygro and down her trousers. Again, niiiiiice. The joys of small children. Sigh....
And that's been the day so far. With luck, nothing else will happen other than some tooth brushing and a few minutes with my book. I need a calm end to the day!

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