Monday, 7 December 2009

Doin' the Twist and the Mashed Potato

On Saturday night, Husbandio and I went out together for only the second time since Emily was born more than seven months ago. Somehow getting a babysitter usually seems too much like hard work (or too expensive, unless you can persuade a family member to help out!), but we made the effort for once, and strutted our stuff down at the school disco. Isabel was quite jealous, until I explained that this school disco was only for mums and dads - they have a separate one for the kids in February, which I believe I'm meant to be helping to organise (mental note to find out more about that after Christmas!).

We went for a curry first, and missed the games they'd organised at the disco, which I don't think I'm too upset about. The disco itself was really fun - the school hall was decorated in black and white, balloons floating above each table and little table decoration sprinkles, it all looked lovely. It could have been a scene out of a sitcom though - all those middle-aged parents who don't get out much, dolled up in their finery and dancing as if their lives depended on it. It's a shame that white middle-aged, middle class parents don't generally count dancing among their many talents, so it was quite a funny sight - lots of enthusiastic miming to classics like Come On Eileen and even an impromptu air guitar jam session when the DJ played an AC/DC track. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. But we went along with it and joined in the dancing, aided by some pear cider, mojitos, a bottle of red wine and some spiced rum! And didn't even suffer too much the following day - felt a bit fuzzy round the edges, but nothing a nice afternoon nap couldn't fix. Good times, good times, as my brother Charlie would say - having boogied the night away and written all my Xmas cards I'm starting to feel quite festive!

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  1. Glad you had fun and love the idea of it being in a sitcom but why, oh why do DJs still play Come On Eileen?! That is my all-time worst record ever :)