Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Teaching the next generation about breastfeeding

I'm getting tired and wasn't going to post tonight, but having seen this video on YouTube I couldn't resist writing something. Even if you can't bear to hear about breastfeeding, click on the video link at the end, it's quality...!

I breastfed Isabel until she was one, and intend to do the same with Emily. It's been going well pain-wise but less well weight-wise, although we may have turned a corner since the little thing gained 6oz last week, much better than her usual 3oz (or, indeed, the 1.5oz loss she'd registered the week before which panicked me). I'm not a 'breast is best' preacher, it's simply the choice I've made for my children. There are several reasons behind the choice - it's good for their immunity (a good reason in and of itself in this era of swine flu), and general health, it helps me lose weight, it's free, and it's easier than bottles in the middle of the night. Oh, and there's a lower risk of breast cancer for me. And it's good for bonding, or so they say.

Isabel's not been phased at all by my feeding Ems, which is good, and she's picked up the lingo pretty quickly. For example, she'll ask "are you on bosoms two?" which means is Emily having the second breast i.e. am I nearly done feeding and can I come and play? However, it had never really occurred to me that all of the dolls on the market have bottles, which doesn't send a very good message about promoting breastfeeding. Until today. Someone's spotted a gap in the market, and invented this new doll. I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry. The politically correct part of me applauds the move, but would I buy one for my child - no, I think I'd be too embarrassed. Which, since I'm whipping my boobs out left, right and centre at the moment, is completely ridiculous. Hypocrite, me? Well, yes, in this case, sorry.

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